Helping universities reach their funding and research goals.

Scry is a revolutionary, turn-key tool built for and under the guidance of research administrators. It automates the labor-intensive parts of your work, allowing you to focus on what's most important—matching the best researchers with the best funding opportunities.

Deploy Scry, improve grant win rates.

Scry is a revolutionary platform combining faculty, funding, and AI-based matching. Better than traditional solutions, Scry can be deployed rapidly and fluidly at your institution with immediate benefits to your current workflows. Through intelligent automation, Scry is an out-of-the-box solution, allowing administrators to be informed, agile, and insightful at the flick of a switch.

How it works

Greater funding revenue through intelligent automation.

Web sources Faculty directories Funding opportunities Recommended matches Rapid communication Collaborative opportunities


We begin by aggregating loads of critical data about funding opportunities and your faculty's research output and funding wins.


Our proprietary machine learning algorithms extract valuable information from the data we gather to distill actionable insights.


We generate explicit recommendations to help you connect your faculty with funding and collaboration opportunities.

Quicklyalign funding opportunitieswith your best experts.

More proposals faster = more wins with Scry™

With Scry, data-intensive portions of the research advancement workflow take minutes rather than weeks. Freed from what are now largely manual processes, research advancement teams are able to operate more efficiently with fewer resources and with an unprecedented depth of understanding of faculty expertise.

  • Make fast and accurate decisions
  • Build effective teams
  • Maximize high-impact proposal output

Have clarity — one tool to see
the whole picture

Intuitive dashboard

Scry takes minutes to learn, allowing you to see its power from day one.

Track funding opportunities

You'll have access to an intuitive funding database with multiple ways to visualize opportunities.

Discover collaborators

Scry offers you an unprecedented ability to build ideal teams based on complementary research backgrounds.

Save your searches

Store key opportunities and enjoy multiple modes of visualization, ensuring that you never miss a great opportunity again.

Intelligent matching

The core of Scry is its intelligent matching system, which lets you instantly identify key researchers for ideal opportunities.

Easy sharing

Scry gives you the power to strategically share critical, timely funding information as soon as new opportunities drop.


Specialized tools to achieve
your funding goals

Getting research projects funded requires fast and accurate decision making, effective team building, and maximization of high-impact proposal output.

Relevant funding opportunities

Getting research projects funded rapidly identifying the right opportunities for your people. The faster you act and the more accurate you are, the more wins your organization will get.

Scry provides information on thousands of relavant funding opportunities all in one place.

  • Monitor funding opprtunities effectively
  • Up-to-date funding database
  • Powerful search features
  • Find opportunities that matter to you
  • Stay alert and never miss a dealine
DATA Accessibility
Detailed faculty profiles

Knowing your faculty in depth reveals those most appropriate for specific funding opportunities and collaborative initiatives.

Scry provides detailed faculty profiles, highlighting the strengths and distinctions of each researcher.

  • Identify the most eligible researchers and collaborators
  • Collect and validate research information
DATA Intelligence
Act immediately on the best grant opportunities.

Use machine intelligence to generate faculty matches for opportunities. We help you connect the dots between faculty and funding.

  • Easily share opportunities
  • Manage your research grant workflow all in one place